Industrial and organizational psychology


1.Car and other vehicle drivers:

-initial and periodic testing

-at the request of the police and the courts

2.Machinery and equipment operators

-initial and periodic testing

-post-accident testing

3.Personnel of mining plants

-initial and periodic testing

-post-accident testing


Clinical Diagnostics


1.Persons applying for a firearms license, and protection of personnel and property employees:

-persons applying for the possession and use of weapons

-producing and handling explosives, weapons, ammunition,

 and products and technologies for military and police use

-Municipal Police Employees

-Security Staff

2.Persons applying for a job in the legal profession of:

-prosecutor, judge, probation officer, bailiff

3.Testing and clinical consultations for the purpose of:

-health services, courts, police /neuropsychological testing/

-Jurisprudence on Disability