Noktoscop ®

NR KAT. 09

A versatile machine for diagnosing the properties of visual receptor of our own production. It allows for a complete examination of the efficiency of visual perception in limited illumination, as well as after irradiation with white light. Equipped with the function of a traditional noctometer and Landolt ring, it also has the option to change the traditional optotype to the letter one, based on a set of vowels. In this way, it facilitates testing of persons with speech impairment and foreigners. The security system prevents the illumination of the optotype by the external light source, e.g. by a mobile phone. A built-in function of color diagnostics allows for the diagnostics of color vision deficiencies. The software of the device gives an opportunity to set all test and exposure parameters.

The distance from the screen does not affect the obtained result.

It works with a PC!