OSD Scale

NR KAT. 18

The OSD Scale (Road Situation Assessment) is a tool to assess the degree of risky behaviors while driving a car. Certain behaviors and reactions while driving are only to an extent the result of the intellectual, rational assessment of the situation, the awareness of the risks taken and its consequences. They are rather automatic, habitual reactions, typical for the particular driving style which is shaped on the basis of certain temperamental and personality features. 

The presented test consists of three parts, which are descriptions of 14 different traffic situations of non-compliance with the rules and traffic regulations. The participant is supposed to specify how risky such behavior is. The assessment is subjective in nature and is based on the knowledge, experience and attitudes towards certain traffic rules (disregard – respect).

A test result can determine the driving style of the subject (safe – risky) and the intensity and frequency of breaking traffic rules. Nevertheless, those violations may be deliberate in nature or can be caused by ignorance or lack of knowledge.