STiAD Program

NR KAT. 16

The System of Transmission and Data Archiving is a professional computer program for handling the process of psychological diagnosis. Test results and personal data of the person tested are grouped in the form of the Psychological Test Card. It is compatible with psychological equipment produced by GPE Psychotronics. It also allows the cataloging and archiving of test results.

Its main features are:

  • automatic download of the results from individual devices
  • printouts of test card and basic copies of certificates
  • opportunity to test groups 
  • records search option according to the date of testing, place of employment, etc.
  • ability to export data to a spreadsheet  /*.xls/

The program is constantly modified by the research team that developed the original version. As an additional option it is possible to install the program and the training of the user.
The latest versions of the program are available at an attractive price for the owners of the first license.